The US Lagos-Besteiro Family:

A History-4

1934 to 1947: Paterson - the Lagos kids get married

By Emilito
Rev. 2005-0202

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To be constructed

In each case, review - how they met, any pre-wedding stories, continue narrative of the family at Lenox Avenue (where they were for the entire time period covered, including pictures); note first address after marriage for each couple if known . . .

Carmen - Emilio: should deal with in history-3 to some extent and continue here.
Manny - discuss the mystery, unresolved issues, etc.
    Eileen - include info on her and the Quigleys
Charlie - stories of their courtship, the wedding & issues, moved to . . . (Lil from next door or nearby?)
Dee - how met Pie, stories of Pie, when off to war, etc.
Vicky - how met Ray, stories of Ray,back to Army, etc.
Jo & Joe - as above + difficulties
Jo & Mike - background, etc, as above . . .

Kids before each wedding -
    before Carmen's:  none
    before Manny's:  none
    before Charlie's: [Richard], Tony & Jack
    before Dee's - Tony, Jack and Emil
    before Vicky's: Tony, Jack, Emil, Gerry, Chippie, Charlie Joe & Buzz
    before Jo & Joe's: above + Betty, Carmen Anita, Jerry & Kathy
    before Jo & Mike's - all but Michelle

  12/26/34   Carmen and  Emilio

Carmen-Emilio Wedding - Lagos Family
Carmen Lagos marriage to Emilio Signes - the Lagos Family
Charlie - Manny - Antonio - Emilio & Carmen - Pepita - Vicky - Dee - Jo

Carmen & Emil's trip to Spain 1936 - intro
Carmen & Emil's trio to Spain 1936 - English  (incomplete)
Viaje de Carmen & Emilio a España 1936 - Español

8/15/35 (?) Manny and Eileen
      no pictures - eloped

   8/31/40      Charlie and Lil
Lil and Charlie Wedding
Lillian Lutz and Charlie Lagos wedding + Jo and Manny Lagos, August 31, 1940

   10/26/40   Dee and Pie
Dee & Pie wedding party
Dolores Lagos & Harry Ball (Dee & Pie) Wedding, October 26, 1940
Dolores Lagos, Harry Ball, Vicky Lagos, John McNerney (Mac), Jo Lagos, Manny Lagos,
Lillian Lutz (Lagos), Al Rymer, Gracie Kane (Douglas), Tom Ball

   11/18/44    Vicky and Ray

Vicky Wedding Lagos Family
Lagos Family at Vicky Lagos and Ray Goetz Wedding
Dee, Emilio&Carmen with Tony, Papa, Ray & Bicy, Manny in back,
Maina, Jo, Lillian Lutz (Lagos)

Vicky and Ray say goodbye
Vicky and Ray say goodbye from Lenox Ave front door
Back to the Army & World War II

   3/19/47      Jo and Joe

Jo and Joe Wedding (Lagos-Baron)
Wedding of Jo Lagos and Joe Baron
Grace Kane, Jo Lagos, Joe Baron, Andy Baron

    6/25/61      Jo and Mike

Jo and Mike Wedding Party
Wedding of Jo Lagos (Baron) and Mike Naspinksi
Men: Jack Lagos, Emil Signes, Pie Ball, Mike Naspinsi, Manny Lagos, Tony Lagos
Women: Avis Naspinski, Jo Lagos, Julia Naspinski, Arlette Naspinski

    Include pictures, stories, etc.

With all the Lagos kids now married, Antonio and Pepita became Papa and Maina - it was the era of their grandchildren.

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Chapter END

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