Emilito Presents Selected Family Trees

Emilito (Emil Signes)
Rev. 2006-08-15

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1. Ancestor Charts.

Ancestor Charts have been prepared for Emilito and Heide, and also for Heide's sister Annegret, biological daughter of Heide's stepfather Rolf Schmitt. Naturally ancestor charts for Emil and Heide and Anne's siblings will be identical to their own.  Although living people are named, data has been intentionally withheld on these charts.  It is possible that ancestor charts of in-laws will be added in the future.

Note that in ancestor charts, people are numbered regularly - 2 will always be the person's father, and 3 the mother, 4 and 5 the paternal grandparents, 6 and 7 the maternal grandparents, etc.  Therefore the first generation is numbered 1, the second 2 and 3, the third 4 hrough 7 . . . . numbers get high very quickly and to complete 10 generations there would be 1023 names.

Ancestors of Emil SIGNES (b. 1940)
Ancestors of Heide RUPPEL (b. 1940)
Ancestors of Annegret SCHMITT (b. 1947)

As the latest additions to the family, Emilito's grandchildren Jacob and Anika bring an entirely new set of ancestors, those of his father Arthur Dearwood DESCH IV, AKA Kip.  For Jacob and Anika's ancestral line, please see

Ancestors of Jacob Arthur DESCH (b. 2003)

2. Pedigree Charts

A Pedigree Chart is an alternate way of showing, in a graphic manner, the ancestor data.  Although it is all repeat data from the above, it may be easier to decipher.  We begin one generation up, with the parents of Emil (Emilio & Carmen), Heide (Theo and Anneliese), and Anne (Rolf and Anneliese).

Pedigree Chart for Emilio SIGNES MONFORT (b. 1903)
Pedigree Chart for Carmen LAGOS BESTEIRO (b. 1910)
Pedigree Chart for Walter Theodor RUPPEL (b. 1914)
Pedigree Chart for Anneliese STEINHAUER (b. 1918)

Pedigree Chart for Rolf Karl-Heinz SCHMITT (b. 1914)

3. Descendant Charts

Descendant Charts are the least-readily structured of the group, as individuals marry once, several times or not at all, have different numbers of children, etc., and if this data is not known the quantitu of missing data is also unknown. In addition, if, say, all 512 7th great-grandparents were known, then there would be 512 descendant charts for the descendants of each of these individuals.  Fortunately or unfortunately, it is rare that all this data is known, and usually known non-repetitive data is restricted to a few major branches.  Thus Emilito has chosen to restrict the data to several relatively non-repeating branches of both his and Heide and Anne's family.  Specifically, the following descendant charts from individuals whose (sometimes very) approximate birth years are given.

Emilito's branches:

Descendants of José SIGNES and Rosa ARABÍ (c. 1775)
Descendants of Juan de LAGOS  and María XIMENEZ (c. 1750)
Descendants of Diego TOLEDO and Maria SORIANO (c. 1775)
Descendants of Pedro BESTEIRO and  Josefa GUIZA (c. 1775)
Descendants of Julián FERNÁNDEZ and María GARCíA (c. 1800)
Descendants of Giuseppe Antonio GRAZIANI (1754) and María Lucia MARCHI (1756)
Descendants of Venancio LORENZO and Feliciana BLAS (c. 1800)

In addition, as  Giuseppe Antonio GRAZIANI was the father of the first emigrants to Spain, Emilito began the chart with him.  We have, however, information that goes back more than 200 years before Giuseppe Antonio's birth.  This will be presented separately as the first 12 generations of Graziani (although there were no surnames associated with this family prior to the late 17th century).  The earliest documented ancestor is Giambattista [no surname], born towards the end of the 15th century.  The first 12 generations, beginning with Giambattista, and ending with the first generation born in Spain, may be found on the following page:

Graziani, the first 12 generations: Descendants of Giambattista (c. 1490)

Finallly, for the US branch of the family, the following is a descendant chart for the "co-founders" of the "US Lagos-Besteiro family," Antonio LAGOS TOLEDO and Josefa BESTEIRO GRACIANI, known to Emilito and his generation as "Papa" and "Maina."  Although this is a subset of the following descendant charts - Lagos-Ximénez, Toledo-Soriano, Besteiro-Guiza, Fernández-García, Graziani-Marchi, and Lorenzo-Blas - it deserves a special place because Antonio and Josefa were the founders of the uniquely US branch of all these families.

Descendants of Antonio LAGOS TOLEDO (1880) and Josefa LAGOS BESTEIRO (1884)

Heide's branches:

Descendants of Johannes RUPPEL (c. 1725)
Descendants of Johann Heinrich STEINHAUER (c. 1725)
Descendants of Barthold WETZEL (c. 1330)
Descendants of Hans WEITZ and Margareta KOLB (c. 1600)
Descendants of Andreas SCHELLENBERG (c. 1700)

Anne's branches:

Descendants of Jost WEINBRENNER (c. 1480) and Else MEHL (c. 1485)
Descendants of Adam SCHMITT (c. 1820) and Elisabetha LINK (c. 1825)
Descendants of  Johannes BAUKNECHT and Carolina OLTMANN (c. 1800)

All for now

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