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Origin: Gata de Gorgos (Alicante) Spain

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This page will, when fleshed out, cover the family of Emilio SIGNES MONFORT, Emilito's father - both his ancestors and their descendants.

The only piece completed to date is a collection of letters Emilio's wife Carmen LAGOS BESTEIRO wrote to her parents on Carmen and Emil's delayed honeymoon to Spain in July 1936, when they were trapped by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.:

Carmen & Emil's 1936 trip to Spain - English
Viaje de Carmen & Emilio a España, 1936 - Español
Carmen & Emil's 1936 trip to Spain - Intro


Nevertheless, the previous version of the page stated "Every known ancestor of Emil Signes' father Emilio SIGNES MONFORT was born in Gata de Gorgos, province of Alicante, Spain."  In addition, it pointed out that, because of the local communists' burning of all the church documents at the start of the Spanish Civil War, in July 1936 (described in the links above), there was no information about any of Emilito's Gata ancestors prior to the advent of the Spanish Civil Register.

Fortunately, through contact with Juan Ramón Pérez Martínez of neighboring Denia, Emilito discovered that three of his father's 8 great-grandparents were born in Pedreguer, a town bordering Gata.  In May 2007 Emilito visited the Pedreguer church parish with Juan Ramón and found ancestors back to the 16th century.

In addition, a history of Gata published in 2007 noted that, during the general expulsion of the Moors from that region of Spain in 1609, Gata was 100% emptied.  The first ancestors of the current residents of Gata arrived in 1611, including a José Signes, possibly the ancestor of all the Signeses in town (nearly 10% of Gata's population).

The Surname Signes

As noted, Signes is the most common surname in Gata de Gorgos, site of Emilito's paternal ancestors.  The name means "signs" in Valencian.  Emilito has not found a surname meaning "signs" in other countries.  (There are no "Signs" in English, no "Signos" in Spain, etc.)

There is a town "Signes" in France, near the Mediterranean, in the general vicinity of Marseilles.  As the "repopulators" of Gata and environs came more or less from the East and North (Balearic Islands, France).  Emilito has a feeling that this is the origin of the surname, but there is absolutely no evidence of this.  (As a total non-sequitur, the residents of Signes earned the name "bishop killers" because of an event that took place in the 14th century.)

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