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 A Summary and History

MAY 21, 2013

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A history and description of the invitational sevens team Atlantis follows.  In addition, Atlantis data is given in tabular form in the following locations:

List of Tournaments in which Atlantis has participated

    Regardless of whether we entered one team or more, this list enumerates just once each tournament in which we participated. As of 5/18/13, we had entered 140 tournaments as Atlantis (plus one unnamed team in 1985: the tournament chose to call it "ERU" for Eastern Rugby Union, but it really wasn't). As of May 2013 I have begun including links to articles written on each specific tournament, where I'm able to find them.

List of Atlantis Squads
    When we entered more than one squad - whether 2 men's, one men's and one women's, etc, each squad gets a separate listing.  As of 5/18/13, 196 separate squads - plus the one pre-Atlantis squad - had played as Atlantis.  There have been 124 men's and 72 women's squads. This page also lists the W-L-T results of each squad and their final outcome.

Results of Atlantis Games
    Atlantis has played 988 games, 993 if you include the pre-Atlantis team. Our combined record is 690-292-11.  The men are 379-222-7 and the women 311-70-4. Not all game results are known, but the overall W-L-T record at each tournament is pretty well established.

List of Atlantis Players
    This is a list of all players that have played for Atlantis: 930 or 932, depending on whether I count the pre-Atlantis team. 

List of Atlantis Staff
    This is a list of everyone that came along on an Atlantis tour in a nonplaying role.

Atlantis is a rugby invitational side whose specialty is sevens.

Begun in 1986 as an Eastern US venture (short for "Atlantic Sevens," Atlantis quickly became a nation-wide enterprise.  Our color (aquamarine), our logo, and the Roman numerals on our jerseys were all inspired by the Atlantis legend. (And, yes, we were playing sevens long before the Atlantis hotels in Nassau and Dubai, etc. were constructed.) The Atlantis women first played in 1992.

Atlantis has multifaceted goals.  At the domestic level, we are trying to improve the level of sevens in the US by mixing sides of experienced players and novices.

For top international tournaments, we are able to assemble teams representing the best the US has to offer.  Occasionally we include top players from other countries.

The 932 Atlantis players since 1986 (577 men and 355 women) represent all areas of the world.  Based on birth places and/or residences, they represent 42 states (all but HI, KY, MS, NV, NH, NM, SD and VT), DC and American Samoa.  Likewise (birth or residence) they represent 25 foreign countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, USSR, Wales, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe.

We are particularly proud of the many US national team players (Eagles) that have played for us and of Atlanteans that have gone on to represent the US: 185 Eagles (116 men and 69 women) have played for Atlantis.  98 of these represented Atlantis prior to the US.  Several Atlantis players have represented 11 other countries' national teams as well; specifically Argentina, Canada, England, Fiji, Hong Kong, Ireland, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, USSR, Uruguay, and Yugoslavia.

Atlantis' "Emperor" Emil Signes was US National Menís Sevens Coach from 1987-90.  During this time the US had a winning record, defeating Wales, Canada, and Argentina, and won the Hong Kong Plate Championship.  He was US National Women's Sevens Coach from 1996-2005.  During this time the US had a record of 57-19-4 (4-time runners-up to New Zealand in Hong Kong).

Atlantis has competed in 140 tournaments, 87 of them outside the US.  We have been on 77 distinct tours to 30 foreign countries (where "country" is defined loosely), specifically  - in chronological order by first appearance - they are:  England, Scotland, Spain, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Uruguay, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Trinidad, Fiji, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Holland, Portugal, Venezuela, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Paraguay, Malaysia (Borneo), Italy and French Polynesia (Tahiti & Bora Bora), Mexico and Laos.

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